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You can of course catch clips from my stand up shows but I also make some other cool videos you can check out here and even more stuff on the Half Boiled Inc. page.

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I’m a Standup Comedian, it’s taken me a few years to come around and call myself that! In that time I’ve done a whole lot of stuff and will continue to do so, but here’s a quick recap for your benefit..


I’ve been a performing arts professional for over 10 years. I have acted, directed, produced and managed productions of all kinds, all over India and the world! Important accomplishments in that time 

  1. Have been part of over 1000+ shows.
  2. Directed a play that was nominated for 8 National Awards and won a couple of them.
  3. Played a key role in kickstarting the stand up movement in Chennai many years ago.
  4. Hosted a show on Vijay TV for children, called Little Genius 2.0.
  5. Particularly humble and don’t like talking about myself too much. 

You came all the way to my website so you want more.. Well ok..

I’m a huge foodie & an amateur cook, I’ve worked in a bakery just because of my love for food. I’ve worked in a printing press, because my dad owns one. I love science and programming and Newton and Geometry, basically I’m a Nerd! I even built this website myself.. Really..

Not enough?! Still here..? Want MORE juicy stuff?!

Ok fine.. I wrote a blood letter to a girl once in college and I used to wet the bed till I was 10! Enough aa?!

More you want to know means come for show.. And say Hi… !

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Ajay Samson

+91 88927 50257


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10, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Rd, Crimson Court, 
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